Thought as a Resonance Toward Manifestation –

Law of Destination Standards: WW Atkinson

DEEP SPACE is controlled by Regulation – one wonderful Law. Its manifestations are multiform, however viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiar with some of its manifestations, however are virtually absolutely oblivious of certain others. Still we are learning a little bit more each day – the shroud is being progressively lifted.


We talk learnedly of the Legislation of Gravitation, however ignore that equally terrific manifestation, THE LEGISLATION OF TOURIST ATTRACTION IN THE THOUGHT WORLD.

We are familiar with that said wonderful symptom of Law which attracts and also holds with each other the atoms of which matter is composed – we acknowledge the power of the legislation that draws in bodies to the earth, that holds the circling around worlds in their areas, however we close our eyes to the magnificent law that attracts to us things we prefer or are afraid, that makes or alters our lives.

When we come to see that Idea is a pressure – a manifestation of energy – having a magnet-like power of attraction, we will begin to understand the why and also wherefore of lots of points that have heretofore seemed dark to us. There is no study that will so well pay off the trainee for his time and problem as the research of the functions of this magnificent regulation of the world of Thought – the Regulation of Attraction.

When we assume we send resonances of a great aerial compound, which are as genuine as the vibrations manifesting light, warmth, electrical power, magnetism. That these resonances are not noticeable to our five detects is no proof that they do not exist. A powerful magnet will certainly send out vibrations as well as put in a force enough to attract to itself an item of steel weighing a hundred pounds, yet we can neither see, preference, odor, listen to nor really feel the mighty pressure.

These assumed vibrations, also, can not be seen, tasted, smelled, listened to nor really felt in the ordinary means; although it holds true there are on document instances of individuals peculiarly sensitive to psychic impacts who have perceived powerful thought-waves, and many people can testify that we have actually definitely felt the idea vibrations of others, both whilst in the presence of the sender and also at a distance. Telepathy as well as its kindred phenomena are not idle dreams.

Light and also warmth appear by vibrations of a far reduced strength than those of Thought, but the difference is entirely in the price of resonance. The record of science throw a fascinating light upon this concern. Prof. Elisha Gray, a noteworthy scientist, claims in his little publication, “The Miracles of Nature”:

” There is much food for supposition in the idea that there exist sound-waves that no human ear can hear, as well as color-waves of light that no eye can see. The lengthy, dark, soundless room between 40,000 and 400,000,000,000,000 resonances per second, as well as the infinity of range beyond 700,000,000,000,000 resonances per second, where light stops, in deep space of movement, makes it possible to delight in supposition.”

M. M. Williams, in his job qualified “Short Chapters in Science,” claims:

” There is no rank in between one of the most fast undulations or tremblings that create our sensation of audio, and the slowest of those which trigger our experiences of gentlest heat.

There is a big space between them, vast sufficient to consist of an additional world of motion, all lying between our globe of noise and also our world of warmth and light; and there is no excellent reason whatever for meaning that issue is unable of such intermediate activity, or that such task might not generate intermediate feelings, offered there are organs for occupying and also sensifying their movements.”

I point out the above authorities merely to provide you something to chew on, not to try to show to you the reality that believed resonances exist.

The last-named reality has been totally established to the fulfillment of numerous investigators of the topic, and a little reflection will certainly reveal you that it accompanies your own experiences.

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